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Below is a sampling of books written by members of our Faculty and Advisory Board. Click on to the book for more information.

The Lost Daughter by Esther Susan Heller

A gripping novel from a gifted author, this is a powerful, richly-textured story of fast-moving action and haunting emotions that you will not be able to put down.


A Gift Passed Along by Sarah Shapiro sings with joy of being a Torah Jew in Eretz Yisrael, even in this time of terror and tension. Sarah Shapiro walks the streets of Jerusalem and sees the same surface sights the rest of us do, but she sees meaning beneath the mundane details of everyday life. Subtly and skillfully, this collection of essays explores issues most people avoid, and as we read we begin to think with new understanding and perspective. We�ll nod our heads with a gentle smile when we hear an aging woman say, �I respect age. I would not trade what I have learned for a face without wrinkles. Age is a crown.� We�ll see �annoyances� in a new light when we hear Rabbi Scheinberg�s laughter. We�ll take pride in the Jewish values of people who bring food and drink to the soldiers who have been dragging them roughly off a hill near Efrat.

CLICK Of Home and Heart by Sarah Shapiro. Looking at their hopes and dreams, their challenges and struggles, their newly discovered opportunities along well-trodden paths to growth and fulfillment, responses to old challenges and new pitfalls -- in stirring prose, and soaring poetry, thoughtful essays and provocative discussions, bittersweet memories and beckoning aspirations. A veritable kaleidoscope of what it means to function as a Torah-guided woman in contemporary society, as a contemporary person in Torah society.
In this anthology, the Jewish woman defines herself -- in her own voice as well as through the voices of outstanding rabbis and writers who have distinguished themselves with their challenging yet reassuring insights and words of guidance.

CLICK I Remembered in the Night Your Name - About Finding Our Way Back to Places We've Never Been by Varda Branfman
In this book of essays, poems, and memoirs, Varda Branfman shares a vision of the peace and wholeness to be found in returning to our higher selves. Weaving between meditation and experience, she makes visible the spiritual journey for others to see in all its complexity, grandeur, and joy. It's all one tapestry of light whether she's swimming in a glacial lake, saying Psalms in an old Jerusalem synagogue under threat of war, or witnessing the breathtaking dance of a 70 year-old grandmother at a Jewish wedding. This is inspirational reading that you'll keep coming back to.

CLICK A Thread of Blue by Dr. Judy Belsky on a background of white — sudden tragedy superimposed on ordinary existence. The sudden death of her only son transported Dr. Judy Belsky into the unknown realms of Thread of Blue. With the insight of a trained psychologist, the words of a gifted author and poet, and the heart of a believing Jew, Dr. Belsky shared her journey into bereavement and loss, healing and faith. This updated edition contains the original text of the classic, plus fifteen new essays.

CLICK Our Bodies our Souls by Tziporah Heller. Today's Jewish woman seeks to actualize her potential in all spheres: career, relationships, in her home and her heart. In Our Bodies, Our Souls, Tziporah Heller, a world-renowned educator and author, shows us how the Jewish traditions enable women to achieve such wholeness. With warmth, wit, and a rare depth of scholarship the author shows how the traditional Jewish paths can help lead to a spiritual awareness that works in perfect consonance with a woman's deepest instincts and needs.